In 4 years, 66% of the world will face acute water shortages.
We’re building the first digital ecosystem for water recycling to change that.

Our Work


Indian cities today face two key challenges. One, freshwater is scarce. In the next one year, 21 cities will run out of groundwater. Two, 70% of sewage remains untreated, contaminating both land and water. 


We're leveraging our data and operations expertise to help meet 60-70% of urban India's water needs while solving this sanitation crisis. The key? Sewage treatment plants (STPs).


Today, 70% of India's STPs are dysfunctional. These plants are typically operated manually by low-skill operators who lack the expertise, information, or incentives to manage them well. This results in unnecessary breakdowns, compliance issues, and unusable water. 

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Cost savings


Hassle free



Our product's pillars

Our flagship product, DigitalPaani, transforms STP operations and enables them to produce high quality water for years. We leverage ~25 sensors, many produced in-house, along with visual and survey data to automate STPs and power our 'virtual engineer'. Our solution makes operations transparent, diagnoses the root cause of emerging problems through 85+ algorithms, triggers role-based actions for service teams, and escalates issues if they are not resolved. The result? Tension free operations that cut the lifecycle costs of plants by up to 41% all while increasing the quality of treated water and enabling people to use it more and more. 

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In just the next year, we expect our work will: 

Save 3.3 million litres of usable water from the drains everyday

Prevent 2.6 million litres of toxic sewage from entering water bodies daily

And our vision doesn't end here. Buildings today reuse only 30-40% of the water they treat and drain the rest even as others nearby guzzle freshwater instead. We intend to build the first IOT-enabled wastewater market to solve this distributional inefficiency.


Case Study

"I'm very satisfied with operations now. The reports I receive are very helpful and there is complete transparency in operations. The plant has been working well for many months and my energy bill has also gone down" 

-  Our client


Site type: Commercial complex with 4,000+ employees

Plant technology: Extended Aeration (EA) 

Before: The plant was unable to treat its sewage, so it was purchasing fresh water to meet all its needs. 

How we helped: Using our technology, we were able to detect and help the service team solve a range of complex issues, including: 

  • Ineffective chlorine dosing practices

  • Frequent choking of filters (MGF and ACF)

  • Negative suction and non-functional automation

  • Rusted pipes and choked valves preventing proper pump functioning


  • Plant is now able to treat 100% of sewage to water quality standards

  • Client is able to use water for horticulture, cooling tower, and water bodies - saving thousands of litres of freshwater everyday

  • Response time down from ~3 weeks to 2 days 

  • Labour needs reduced by 50%

  • Energy consumption down by 15%

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