Transforming water assets so you can be compliant, resilient, and sustainable

Award-winning lifecycle management tools to optimise your STP, WTP and ETP operations
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We are on a mission to change water management

So far, the focus has been on treating and using freshwater. With freshwater running out, it's time for a paradigm shift. We're catalysing wastewater's potential to meet water needs. 

Unfortunately, wastewater treatment is broken

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Today wastewater plant owners end up spending a lot of time and resources on their plants...

  ... But


of plants end up dysfunctional.

Here's how we can help

Reduce operating costs by up to

Reduce breakdowns by up to

Water treated




We streamline your operations through comprehensive task management and automation, bringing down operating costs over time.

We detect and resolve issues ~3 weeks early, preventing breakdowns.

We transform plants from non-functional to compliant units that treat sewage to high water quality standards.


Our customers love our work

(and we're sure you will too!)
"The plant has been working well for months and we are now able to treat 100% of water. Even my energy bill has gone down a lot. The reports are very helpful and there is complete transparency in our operations."
"Our plant has undergone transformation. From facing a litany of breakdowns because of negligent operations, to having completely data-driven and consistent operations... the change is immense." 
- Mr. Satbir Singh
Building Manager, BPTP Park Centra
- Mr. Pranav Kumar
RWA President, IREO Uptown

How do we do it?

Long-lasting automation to control equipment and key processes based on real-time data
Management module that launches automated daily workflows to manage the whole operations process
Offsite expert team monitoring plants 24/7 to ensure high quality operations
Maintenance module that uses engineering calculations to recommend high-priority retrofits
Analytics module to diagnose problems and provide live dashboard and reports to give you full visibility 
We plug in ~15 sensors in key parts of your plant, including proprietary innovations to detect problems
Our software
Our software


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Our software
Our software

Detailed view of the plant's operations

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Our software
Our software

Training modules so operators execute tasks in the best way possible

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Our software
Our software


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Our solution is the best in the market


Reporting and visualising data
Managing expertise-driven operations workflows
Inventory and maintenance management
Cost-effective for distributed plants

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